About me

Hello! My name is Daniel Jedynak and I'm an Illusionist from Wroclaw, Poland.

Since 2010, I’ve been performing my magic for people from around the world. I started my adventure with magic a long time ago and this passion has not left me until today. Many years of experience allowed me to prepare a very special show, which really surprises my audience. My show is perfect for any kind of celebration. Customer satisfaction is the most important to me and this is what guides me during preparation of the show.

what do I perform?


What I have to offer is a specially prepared and professionally performed magical stand-up, which lasts for around 35 minutes. It’s a combination of a cabaret with the art of illusion.


Magic just at the hand’s reach, close to the spectator. The illusionist walks from table to table, entertaining guests. Everyone can look into his sleeve, discovering its secrets.

For children

It’s an especially prepared program for children, which goes on for around 30-40 minutes. ‘The Magical Journey’ is a marvelous adventure, in which the young ones embark on a journey into the land of magic and miracles.

Magic Workshops

During the illusion workshops, Daniel will be teaching simple, yet tremendously glamorous tricks. Step by step he will show and later share the secrets of magical arts.

Daniel Jedynak

+48 792 198 909