What I have to offer is a specially prepared and professionally performed magical stand-up, which lasts for around 35 minutes. It’s a combination of a cabaret with the art of illusion. The program of the show can be arranged to suit family/ children/ adults and businessmen expectations. This magical journey is an extraordinary adventure, in which main characters are taken directly into the land of magic. For all the duration of the show, guests participate in the magical acts, performed by the illusionist, becoming a part of the show itself. Constant interaction with the audience and carefully chosen effects make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If needed, magical product placement is also an option.


Magic just at the hand’s reach, close to the spectator. The illusionist walks from table to table, entertaining guests. Everyone can look into his sleeve, discovering its secrets. Cards, small props like coins or audience’s properties are used in the magic tricks. Show’s spectators, after experiencing small miracles always receive different kinds of souvenirs, which will remind them of their incredible journey.

This kind of performance has many positives:
- Everyone is interested in the show
- Each show has a general, yet non obligatory form, doesn’t require grand acoustic equipment, is easily combined with other attractions
- Amazes the audience with all the close ups they desire!
- Guests feel exceptional, when they experience entertainment organized just for them, letting them be in their own comfort zones

If needed, magical product placement is also an option.

For Children

It’s an especially prepared program for children, which goes on for around 30-40 minutes. ‘The Magical Journey’ is a marvelous adventure, in which the young ones embark on a journey into the land of magic and miracles. Little helpers not only participate in the extraordinary tricks performed by the illusionist, but also become the real magicians themselves. Effects are carefully chosen to ensure long - lasting memories.

Magic Workshops

During the magic workshops, Daniel will be teaching simple, yet tremendously glamorous tricks. Step by step he will show and later share the secrets of magical arts. After a short training each of the participants will be able to repeat the tricks and then later create their own, short illusion show. Each trick taught doesn’t require buying special props in order to present them. The duration time: around 30-60 minutes. Magic workshops are a splendid follow-up to the rest of Daniel’s variety of performances.

Daniel Jedynak

+48 792 198 909